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Hello 2016, Water Damage anyone…

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              Happy 2016, what that on your floor!   Welcome to 2016 , unfortunately you are here because you had or have water damage did you know that  is available 24 seven 365 days a year. Emergency water removal can bill your insurance company and have your house back to a dry house in as little as 24 hours. We are also better business bureau of Altanta accredited. Knowing who is drying out your house is very important that’s why you can rely on...

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Track where we are

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2014 Emergency Water Christmas Party Kani Steak House

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Post by...

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What to do if you have a water mitigation claim?

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            My name is George Caswell and I am a licensed adjuster with the state of Georgia. I’ve been asked what should I do if I have a water loss or any other type of claim?  It’s important to take the right steps to minimize the damages caused to your property. Matter-of-fact it’s stated in your policy that you are to take the steps immediately to stop any further damage to the property. Below is a checklist of steps you should take immediately after you have any type of water damage or...

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Home Restoration from Water Damage

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Water damage restoration is really needed if you want to fix the damage due to water flooding whether it’s a flow within the roofing, water surges, natural flooding due to heavy rains, tank leaks as well as a working faucet left all night. Water damage can be resolved by means of a homeowner or by employing the support of water removal specialist. Water damage is an extremely emotional and physical experience. The level of water damage could be disastrous leaving everything within an area or building in a poor condition. Imagine what it...

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Recovering Personal Belongings with Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage is one of the worst outcomes wrought from a flooding or variety of sources including busted pipes, flood waters from outdoors, damaged roofs, leaky sewer lines, or overflowing toilets and tubs. Individual whose properties are going through water damage restoration need to be able to fully assess the value as well as the importance of each and every item on the house and it is not that simple trying to figure out the things you would want to dispose or keep. First things first, if you are in need of some water damage restoration,...

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Importance of Professional Water Extraction Services

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If your household has been a victim of natural flooding or other sources like broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow, fishtank overflow, broken pipes, leakage from roof and etc. Instant response is the key to successful property damage repair after an upsetting damage because the longer you wait to have your household undergo complete water extraction services, the harder it is to repair the damage Let’s say the scenario is only a small amount of water flooding like a small leaks in a bathroom or kitchen can usually be handled by...

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Why Hire Water Damage Restoration Experts?

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Natural flooding, pipe leakages, sewer backup, toilet or washer overflow, sump pump failure or any source can wreak the structure of your house, personal belongings and interiors. You may feel a loss of control in your own home and the feeling only gets worse if you have hired a company who just rip apart your walls, carpet, furniture, and search through your personal items, then charge you thousands of bucks! Water damage problems can become very serious if they are left untreated. Some homeowners attempt to clean up water problems without...

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How to Deal with Water Damage

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Dealing with water damage can be a traumatic experience. In the wake of such a catastrophic natural disaster like what just happened in the recent Super Typhoon Haiyan where thousands of homes completely destroyed, it’s really hard to imagine dealing with the damage and going on with your life. Flooding and water damage can occur at any time, and there are other causes aside from a natural disaster. For instance, burst pipes, cracked walls in the basement, leaking pipes or faucets, or even the incidental water damage caused by having a fire...

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