Google Deodorizing And Sanitizing | Rochester Emergency Water Removal

iphone 025One of the most common reasons Rochester homeowners call Rochester Emergency Water Removal is to restore their homes after a toilet overflows or a residential sewer line breaks. Only a professional should handle restoration after contaminated water or sewage has destroyed a home or business. This task is hazardous to your health.

Water damage emergencies are classed by the type of water doing the damage. A Category 3, “black water,” crisis is the most dangerous of all. This type of emergency is unsanitary and poses an immediate health threat to any who come in contact with it. When water does not pose an immediate threat to health, allowing water to grow stagnant can create a Category 3 situation. This situation can result in the following health hazards:

  • Bacteria, causing typhoid fever and food poisoning
  • Viruses such as hepatitis, meningitis and pneumonia
  • Protozoa, causing gastroenteritis, dysentery and toxoplasmosis

An essential part to restoring your Rochester home or business after a Category 3 water emergency is to deodorize and sanitize all surfaces to kill harmful disease-causing agents and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Rochester Emergency Water Removal does more than eliminate your water damage. We treat all damaged areas with safe, botanical disinfectants, giving you peace mind that future health hazards have been averted. When you want a comprehensive, safe solution for your Rochester home or business, call Rochester Emergency Water Removal.