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What to do if you have a water mitigation claim?

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My name is George Caswell and I am a licensed adjuster with the state of Georgia. I’ve been asked what should I do if I have a water loss or any other type of claim?  It’s important to take the right steps to minimize the damages caused to your property. Matter-of-fact it’s stated in your policy that you are to take the steps immediately to stop any further damage to the property. Below is a checklist of steps you should take immediately after you have any type of water damage or fire damage claim:
1. Secure the property and make sure that it can’t be vandalized.
2. Remove any Content so they do not become further damaged.
3. Call a water mitigation company to remove or dry out any water in the structure.
4. Make a log of your contents.
5. Call your insurance company to report the claim.

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